Help For Tyson

Saving Tyson's Life is going to tuff


Tyson has had abscesses after abscess in his jugular area and Myles Ahead have cultured, used 5 different antibiotics and we cannot get the abscesses to go away. One will heal then another returns. The Vets believe that there is something in there that is not showing  on the x-ray so Myles Ahead needs to do exploratory surgery on poor Tyson. We need to raise $1000 depending on what we find. If you can spare any thing please donate so Tyson can live a normal life.   

Dumped Like Trash Left to Die


Tyson was Dumped in a cemetery and left for Dead with a bad leg. Poor Tyson is only 6 months old and a heart of gold.

 Please use this GoFundMe button to donate.