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Myles Ahead Rescue Inc.

Myles Ahead Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in Maineville


Please Read This Notice!!!!

It has come to my attention that a “rescue” in Mason, Ohio has taken on the name “Myles” as part of their private company name.  They may also be using our EIN number.  This post was made today.

“It has come to our attention that a location in Mason, Ohio is claiming to be a rescue, although they are not registered in the State of Ohio as a 501c3 or private business. It is confusing because they have taken on the name “Myle § Nature Rescue with Rachel Along with Paw Mom § And Son § Pet Rescue.

Please know Myles Ahead is in no way associated with this Facebook Page or the animals in their care.  Thank you to all our loyal friend and supporters for sharing and supporting us!”

If you have any questions, please call or email me. MylesAheadRescue@gmail.com or 513-673-4012.

Thank you!



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