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About Us Myles Ahead Rescue Inc. in Maineville  
"Myles Ahead Animal Rescue" is dedicated to finding permanent homes for all of the homeless pets we receive.  We are a humane, "no kill" shelter.  We work to educate the community  about how important it is to spay and neuter their pets in an ongoing effort for reduce the problems of unwanted and uncared for pets.We have grave concerns for the incredible numbers of unwanted pets who fill our shelters.   We have become a safe place for lost and unwanted pets.Our vision is to eliminate euthanasia to any adoptable animal. "  
Myles Ahead Rescue in Maineville  " is dedicated to eliminating euthanasia for any pet that may be adopted.  We rescue pets from a variety of situations and each animal arrives with their own special needs.The pets that come to us require a variety of medical, emotional, behavioral support and all are in great need of a loving home.Our staff and volunteers are dedicated to providing our pets with everything they need to be healthy and happy and find a loving home. 
Myles Ahead Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in Maineville